Happy Halloween!

My neighbor and I decided to try to stuff all the little tummies before the candyfest this evening.  We divided up duties and made a fun and healthier feast.  Most of the kids are under 4 which makes it a little tough.   We decided on PB & Js on whole grain bread since there were no food allergies in the group. The PB & Js are the skeletons and pumpkins so the jelly would “bleed” through the eyes and mouths.   We also made owls, cats and a few brooms.  We used pre-made candy eyes and used plastic rings as decorations.


We also did cups with ranch dip on the bottom and carrot & celery sticks stuck in them after seeing the idea on Pinterest.

Mandarin orange cups with Sharpie marker faces on them.

Green and black seedless grapes with skeleton rings.

Also included (and not impressive) were Sabra mini hummus cups with pretzels.

Hope everyone had a safe & fun Halloween evening!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. fengshuisarasota

    you are so amazing. i wish you were my mom 🙂 what are the eyes on the owls and cats made of? are you ever going to give a class on how to make all these things? if not, i think you should. you could give one in my shop and i would come. xoxo

  2. bentoriffic Post author

    You are too sweet, K. I would be happy to teach you any time. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial for food lovers soon. I will let you know. The eyes are royal icing (candy). I purchased mine pre-made on Amazon. You can probably find them at a candy making supply place too, but Amazon is cheap & easy 🙂

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