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Apple sandwiches and soba noodle salad

I’ve been out of commission for a while recovering from a fender bender.  Nothing like a jolting car accident to remind you of the things you’re thankful for in life.  I am thankful for a safe car, no broken bones and for the health care providers who are helping me get back to my old self.  In the meantime, my kids still have to eat.  I just haven’t taken many pictures!

Apple sandwiches with cinnamon in Planet Box

Miss G is more daring so I made her some apple butter sandwiches with maple almond butter in between the slices instead of bread. Her classroom is completely separate so I can send nuts to her room since there are no nut allergies.   I sprinkled the tops of the sandwiches with cinnamon.  They look a bit messy, but they were tasty.   Also in her Planet Box are green grapes, mini carrots, strawberry slices, a sweet potato energy treat covered with coconut, a pumpkin shaped dried apricot in the tiny space, and in the top are pomelo (a huge, local citrus fruit) pieces and pineapple chunks.

Apple sandwiches with squirrel in Planet Box


Miss A (3) has a WOWbutter nut free soy spread in her apple slice sandwiches with the same assortment of green grapes, strawberries, a sweet potato treat rolled in coconut, mini carrots, a dried apricot squirrel, and pineapple pieces packed in her Planet Box.

I happen to follow a huge number of bloggers who inspire me and have wonderful ideas for food in general.  I am always extra enthusiastic about those who can make great meals that even kids will like.  One of those blogs is Veggie Kids.  Blogger Sarah Creighton makes fabulous, healthy meals for her 3 kids.  Her blog is packed with creative snacks, lunches, smoothies and dinner ideas that kids will eat and love.  She’s also an author, children’s advocate, vegan and stunningly gorgeous on top of it all.  I encourage you to check out her blog.  She has a recipe tab at the top where you can find all her fantastic culinary creations.  Here’s the link to her blog:

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 8.34.15 AM

I found this recipe of hers for Cold Udon Salad, and I decided to try it.  I needed something I could make super fast in the morning.  I woke up & realized I had no udon, but I did have soba (buckwheat) noodles.  Any noodles will work in this case so boil your family’s favorite pasta.  While the pasta’s cooking, chop up the vegetables you want to mix into your pasta salad.

Soba salad close up

In this case I had some farm fresh orange and red carrots, cucumbers and scallions (green pencil onions.  I forgot to add sesame seeds at the end, but this pasta was a hit!  The sauce is simply a mixture of agave nectar and soy sauce (or tamari), and everything will be ready to mix by the time your noodles are done cooking.  How’s THAT for a 10 minute meal?    It’s also a great way to sneak more vegetables into lunch.

Soba noodle salad

Here’s the soba noodle salad packed in an Easy Lunchbox with tomatoes and pineapple pieces ready for school.  Thank you, Veggie Kids Blog, for all the fun, healthy lunch inspiration!!!

Things I used to make these lunches:


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