Snowflakes and ornaments for lunch

I think the whole country is cold today!  We woke up to 45 here which is chilly for Florida.  In Minnesota where I grew up, it’s a balmy 19 degrees this morning.  I only miss the snow and winter for about a week at Christmas time.  My favorite thing as a kid was to go sledding all day and then hang out in front of the fire place to thaw out.  My kids have only seen melting snow so snowflakes and winter in lunchboxes is a close as it gets besides watching it on TV.

Winter Snowflakes in LunchBots QuadMy 3 year old asked for snowflakes today.  I made her WOWbutter and strawberry jam mini snowflake sandwiches with a cookie cutter plunger that’s normally used for pastries.  They work well to make fun imprints in the bread.  They even work whole wheat which can sometimes be a bit grainy.  Also packed in her LunchBots Quad are organic blueberries with a honeydew melon snowflake cutout on top.  The other small snowflakes are edible wafers made from potato starch.  In the top left compartment are sliced strawberries with snowflake cupcake toppers and in the top right are crinkle cut mini carrots with another honeydew snowflake on top.

Ornaments in LunchBots Trio

My 5 year old has ornaments in her LunchBots Trio.  She wanted Earth Balance Peanut Butter (no nut allergies in her class) and strawberry jam as well on whole wheat bread.  In the bottom are peeled mandarin oranges and crinkle cut mini carrots with ornament cupcake picks.  In the top left are organic blueberries and a Crimson Gold organic mini apple.

Things I used to make these lunches:


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