Soy Ravoili lunches

Happy Wednesday! I am sort of freaking out that school’s out in 2 weeks. I haven’t signed my kids up for camp or made any plans yet. I sent my little ones off today with a freshly made meal since we had no leftovers from last night.

Bentoriffic ravioli lunch

Soy Boy ravioli is one of those treats they love to find in their lunchbox. I mix in a little marinara or dairy free pesto and lunch is served. You can find it in the frozen section of Whole Foods or similar healthy grocers. Miss G’s lunch is packed in her PlanetBox with tomatoes and a mini ear of corn shaped cornbread muffin. Above that are dates, pistachios and a Hail Merry macaroon for a treat. In the top compartment are local blueberries and strawberries.

Flower muffin with oranges, peas and nuts

Snack for today is packed in a LunchBots Quad with Minneola tangelos, a flower shaped apple cinnamon muffin, sugar snap peas and macadamia nuts mixed with raisins.

Bentoriffic Ravioli in GoodbynMiss A’s 3 year old lunch is packed in big sister’s Goodbyn bynto. Her Soy Boy ravioli are on the bottom with the same marinara. Plums and strawberries fill the middle and in the top she has sugar snap peas underneath her cornbread muffins.



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