St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop

I know it’s not here yet, but we have to give you time to buy groceries and plan! My bento buddies and I are doing a St. Patrick’s Day blog hop today. Little A found this Irish troll in Goodwill yesterday, and I decided he was a good mascot for today’s blog hop. When you get to the bottom, please click on the link to check out the next fun lunch.

We’re on spring break this week and eating at home. Miss G is having green tinted hummus with carrot shamrocks on top. To go with the hummus are homemade clover shaped pita chips. She has an apple slice with a clover cut out of the middle. At the bottom right are kiwi slices and bottom left are dried apricots and green grapes.

St. Patrick's Day plate

Miss A has a shamrock shaped sandwich on whole grain bread on spinach leaves. At the top are clover shaped honeydew melon, the green shamrock container has edamame and fresh snap peas and a clover shaped dried apricot is below that. At the bottom left is a clover shaped cucumber and above that is an apple hat with fruit leather buckle.

Bentoriffic shamrock & hat plate

And NOW please click on the link to go check out what’s awesome today in Our Lunch BagsΒ for more St. Patrick’s Day fun!

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