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A hearty salad and pockets made with love

Miss G has kids in her kindergarten class that get hot lunches brought into the class.  She kept mentioning that she might like to try a salad.  So today she asked for one and requested certain vegetables.  Being me, I snuck in a bunch of other things for color that I thought she might like.

Miss G's Field Roast heart and veggie salad

She has pineapple pieces and leftover potato, cucumber, onion and edamame salad from last night’s dinner in the top of her Easy Lunchboxes container with some XOXO and heart Valentine cupcake toppers.

Salad close up

Her salad is a bed of locally grown romaine lettuce, two leftover Field Grain Roast (plant based meatless roast) cut into hearts on top, I added yellow and red tomatoes, gourmet mushrooms, purple cauliflower, small sweet red and orange peppers and mini carrot hearts to her salad.  She has a side of ginger dressing (not shown) to pour over the top.

Heart pockets made with love


My 4 year old is still adoring her WOWbutter nut free spread at least once a week.  It’s by far her favorite.  Today it’s inside these mini heart pockets with blueberry jam.  In the top of her Easy Lunchboxes container are pineapple and also the same potato, edamame, onion and cucumber salad with champagne vinegar and miso dressing for her lunch.

Happy Friday, all!

Things I used to make these lunches:

Grilled (dairy free) cheese all around

I was running low on groceries, and I happened to have some Daiya brand dairy free cheese shreds in my refrigerator. We try to keep processed and oily foods out of our diet as much as possible so this is a rare occasion for us. It was a foggy, chilly morning yesterday so the kids Continue Reading

Scalloped heart pocket and mini hearts for lunch

I’ve been trying to squeeze in a few Valentine themed lunches before the day hits.  Some days (like today) are gray, rainy and blah.  I know most of you are enduring extremely cold weather and awful storms so I hope these brighten your day a bit.  Hoping it cheers my little ones too. Miss A, Continue Reading

Tomato veggie wraps and mini love lunch

Miss G informed me that she is SICK of peanut butter.  She doesn’t want it any more.  I have to admit that my lunches (although cute) have lacked in variety lately.  I found this delicious sundried tomato spread at the farmer’s market Saturday.  I decided to build the lunch around it.  I used a whole Continue Reading

I heart lunches

Lunchboxes are my small way of telling my kids how much I love them even when they’re not at home.  To me, it seems like a small thing to do when I can find the extra 5-10 minutes in the morning to “cute up” their lunches and pack in as much nutrition as I can. Continue Reading