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Lion and some lips

Mom’s a bit nervous, and Miss G is thrilled.  She gets driven to school every day, but today she gets to ride the school bus.  It’s the first field trip and her first play today.  The kids are all riding the bus to a local theater to watch the play, Androcles and the Lion.  They get to eat lunch at the local nearby park and then return to school in the afternoon.  I think Miss G got dressed in 10 seconds flat this morning.

CuteZCute Lion sandwich bento

This lion bento was packed in her Easy Lunchboxes container with a peeled clementine and a d’anjou pear cut into small pieces with lion food picks and food separator baran.

Lion Close UpI used the CuteZCute Panda pocket sandwich maker.  I pressed in the shape of the panda face without cutting into the bread. The sandwich is filled with WOWbutter nut free spread and strawberry jam.  Since she’ll probably be eating with other classes, I wanted to make sure the lunch was allergy friendly.  Then stamped out the panda features and cat whiskers with the face templates out of fruit leather.  The sandwich is in a giant silicone cup to prevent it from getting soggy. The huge silicone cups are in the Dollar Spot at Target right now so hurry before they disappear! I sliced an organic orange and then flipped the slices inside out to make a mane for the lion.  It looked much better in my head than it turned out, but Miss G liked it so that’s the important part.

Fruity Lion snack bentoFor snacktime, she has a Happy Tiffin bento box filled with pineapple rings, sliced kiwi, crinkle cut mini carrots and in the green lion sauce container are roasted, salted kabocha squash seeds for crunching.

Yesterday Miss A was at home with me so I decided to surprise her with a fun lunch since she was feeling so yucky.  She LOVED it.  This one was inspired by a grosser version 🙂 that my friend over at Lunch with Eyeness made with a gummy tongue.  Click here to check out her lunch.

Lips with tongue lunchI used a lips cookie cutter and sliced the top layer with a knife.  I hand cut the tongue from fruit leather and stuck it in between the mouth.  I propped it up on a coconut date treat underneath.  She has a peeled clementine with a leaf food pick, roasted kabocha squash seeds with an “I Love You” ring, and sliced organic strawberries with a lip cupcake pick on her little cupcake tray.

Eating lunch

We had a little sick day picnic on the patio and enjoyed our lunches outside.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Things I used to make these lunches:

Animal Food picks Animal baran food separator Leaf food picks

Valentine love

Happy heart day!  Miss G’s teacher set up a Valentine’s day lunch swap.  We filled out a form with her favorite foods and in return we received a list from another child for whom we made lunch today.  Lilly in her class was who was given to us.  Miss G helped me draw out a Continue Reading