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First day back to school

Yesterday was a big day in our house.  Last year our youngest went to a mom’s morning out program.  This year she’s joining her big sister at Montessori.  They were both SO excited to be going together.  Miss G, big sister,  is in her Kindergarten year this year.  It seem like yesterday she was just home from the hospital waking my up every 1.5 hours to be fed!  Both girls were dressed and ready to go by about 6am!  Good thing there was a lot of coffee for me.

I offered to do some really fun, fancy lunches, and they both wanted pasta.  Who am I to argue?  It means a 5 minute lunch for me to make.

Miss G Kindergarten pasta lunch

Miss G’s Planetbox Rover had radiatore (radiator shaped) veggie pasta from Trader Joe’s with marinara sauce in the round stainless container at the right.  Clockwise are multi colored grape tomatoes and blueberries, mini carrots, a maple syrup seed energy treat in the middle and golden kiwi slices with apple shaped cantaloupe pieces.  The Lunchbox Love notes are my new favorite.  Miss G can read them now so I’m trying to include them often.  I will be giving away a 4 pack at the end of this week so be sure to stop back!

Grapes and Sabra hummus snack

For her morning snack, I packed her a Sabra hummus, black seedless grapes and pretzel sticks for dipping in a small reusable pouch in her Happy Tiffin stainless bento box.

Miss A's pasta lunch

Miss A got a new Planet Box Rover this year like her sister has.  She has the same radiatore pasta, blueberries and raspberries, carrot pieces, raisins (under the love note), and “A” cookie in the center and black seedless grapes with the same apple shaped cantaloupe pieces.  She also has a Lunchbox Love note from mom.

Guac and fruit snack bento

We call our Miss A a Guac Monster.  She calls it green hummus.  That girl could probably eat her weight in guacamole and avocados if we let her.  I don’t normally make my own.  I purchase Wholly Guacamole’s snack packs.  They are 100 calorie packs that are the perfect elementary school serving size.  There are no artificial colors, additives or preservatives in them. I put them in silicone ice cube trays or in this case a square silicone cup, and I freeze them.  They don’t thaw until mid-morning and don’t brown until after lunchtime.  It keeps the guac cold and my Guac Monster happy!  Packed in her LunchBots Quad are the original Wholly Guacamole, apple shaped watermelon pieces, Dapple Dandy organic pluots and Laurel Hill brand whole grain peace pretzels.

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Things I used to make these lunches:


Linzer flowers and a car in traffic

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Lego lunch and Thanksgiving week

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Leafy tree and little ice cream cone bentos

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Pad Thai bento lunches-Meatless Monday idea

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