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Jack and Jill lunches

I found these new cookie cutters when my friend Deb of ipacklunch posted a photo of them.  I actually made these lunches about 2 weeks ago, but I’m late posting them.  In the meantime, my blogging friend Venia of Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat lunch by Organized Bites posted this adorable lunch with the same sandwich cutters by Fred and Friends to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat by OrganizedBites.com

Venia’s lunches for Scout are always beautifully done and so colorful.  Please visit her blog http://organizedbites.com when you have the chance!

Below are the lunches I made with the cutters.  They aren’t quite as pretty, but still fun for my girls.

Jack boy lunch

Miss A wasn’t thrilled about getting a boy lunch even though the sandwich cutters were new.  I didn’t show her that big sister had a girly lunch.  She has a WOWbutter (nut free soy butter) sandwich with raspberry jam on Rudi’s Organic whole wheat bread.  In with “Jack” is a date and raisin ball rolled in unsweetened coconut shreds.  In the top of her Easy Lunchboxes container are organic raspberries and heirloom carrot pennies.

Jill girl lunch

Miss G had the girly “Jill” version of the same lunch.  She prefers alternative spreads on her sandwich. Today she had macadamia nut spread on Rudi’s Organic whole wheat bread, grape tomatoes and raspberries in her Easy Lunchboxes container for lunch.

Heart snack bentos

Both girls have these small heart snack bentos which I found at Target over Valentine’s Day.  The one on the left is for the classroom with no nut allergies.  Miss A’s is revised for her nut free classroom.  They both have cinnamon covered pumpkin seed, goji berries, raisins and Miss G’s includes cashews.

Things I used to make these lunches:


Long overdue heart lunches

My food projects are my passion, but very often family comes first.  So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve missed you!  I decided to post all the lunches today that I did for before Valentine’s day and didn’t post.  After all, I love my kids all year long so the heart thing Continue Reading

Grilled (dairy free) cheese all around

I was running low on groceries, and I happened to have some Daiya brand dairy free cheese shreds in my refrigerator. We try to keep processed and oily foods out of our diet as much as possible so this is a rare occasion for us. It was a foggy, chilly morning yesterday so the kids Continue Reading

Groundhog Day lunch

Yesterday was Groundhog day.  My kids don’t really understand since our winter in Florida classifies as a normal fall day anywhere else in the country.  However, they do love anything animal related and cute. Miss G had to stay home to go to the dentist today, and so Miss A, now my “big girl” 4 Continue Reading

Scalloped heart pocket and mini hearts for lunch

I’ve been trying to squeeze in a few Valentine themed lunches before the day hits.  Some days (like today) are gray, rainy and blah.  I know most of you are enduring extremely cold weather and awful storms so I hope these brighten your day a bit.  Hoping it cheers my little ones too. Miss A, Continue Reading