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Birthday girl bento and a princess crown

Today is Miss A’s 4th birthday, or as she tells me, she’s ALMOST 5 now.  She’s growing up WAY too fast as most children do.  Tonight’s party will be a small one at home with a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony theme at her request.

I got up a bit early to make a fancier lunch for her today.

Miss As 4th birthday

I packed her LunchBots Quad today since it has 4 compartments.  I made croissants this morning as a surprise breakfast and used one of them to cut a big 4 in the bottom left corner.  It’s on top of Satsuma orange slices.  In the top left are crinkle cut carrots with a pinwheel pick.  In the top right are pineapple chunks with a birthday cake pick and in the bottom right is a WOWbutter flower sandwich with a smaller heart sandwich on top of that.  I topped it with a tiny bread heart and a fruit leather 4 with 4 candle cupcake picks for her mini cake for lunch.

Princess crown bento

Miss G, my 5 year old, has a princess crown made with the LunchPunch cutter.  I used Ezekiel bread today for hers which is much more grainy than normal.  I used the heel of the loaf to punch out the darker color for the mini heart in the middle.  Her sandwich is Earth Balance peanut butter with cranberry apple spread in the middle.  She also has Satsuma orange slices around the sandwich.  The silicone cup at the bottom is filled with raisins on the outside and red, dried goji berries in the middle of her Easy Lunchboxes container.  In the top of her lunch are crinkle cut carrots and locally grown grape tomatoes with animal bento picks.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Things I used to make these lunches:

Whimsical Lunch Punch sandwich cutters Birthday food picks Silicone food cups Alphabet and number cutters

Snowflakes and ornaments for lunch

I think the whole country is cold today!  We woke up to 45 here which is chilly for Florida.  In Minnesota where I grew up, it’s a balmy 19 degrees this morning.  I only miss the snow and winter for about a week at Christmas time.  My favorite thing as a kid was to go Continue Reading

Gingerbread men pita lunches

Run, run as fast as you can!  My girls love gingerbread men and anything bite sized.  I decided to make small armies of gingerbread men in their lunches today.  I used a pastry plunger to make them.  It’s a small plastic cookie cutter with a spring loaded plunger that imprints the outline on the bread Continue Reading

Snowflakes and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

As the rest of the country is under a blanket of snow and ice, it’s forecasted to be 83 here today.  A little difficult to get in the Christmas spirit.  I certainly can’t break out the cute boots and scarves with the tropical heat cooking here.  Anyone else feel like holiday shopping hit them too Continue Reading

Happy Halloween 2013

It’s finally here!  Happy Halloween!  I’m running on salty pumpkin seeds, coffee and 5 hours of sleep, but the party at my house will be fantastic fun for the kids.  Here are some more of the lunches my kids had this week: Dairy free quesadillas are the way to go for a super quick lunch. Continue Reading