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Happy Dot Day!

Today is International Dot Day.  I love it because the point of it is to inspire all to “make their mark” in their lives.  My girls are celebrating at school today and dressed in head to toe dots. Their Montessori school definitely encourages them to explore new things and be the best individual they can become.  I tried to follow the dot theme a bit with round items in their lunches despite limited time this morning.

Millet and Quina veggie bites in Planetbox

Last night I baked some of Hilary’s Eat Well brand Veggie Bites.  They are gluten free and made from grains and veggies with a base of millet and quinoa.  They bake up nice and crunchy but chewy in the middle.  Miss G, now 6, loves to dip hers in BBQ sauce so I included two small sauce containers with some inside.  She also has kiwi, peaches, plots and a Hail Merry coconut macaroon inside her Planetbox Rover.Millet and Quinoa bites with fruit in Plantebox

Miss A, my 4 year old, has almost the same lunch with gluten-free veggie bites, ketchup for dipping in the small containers, a strawberry heart, clementines peeled for her, pluots, peaches and a macaroon for a treat packed in her Planetbox Rover for school lunch.

Happy Monday, All!

Things I used to make these lunches

Skeletons, spiders and jack-o-lanterns in PlanetBox

I am having Christmas anxiety.  There, I said it.  I am desperately looking for tasteful fall/Thanksgiving table decor, and I can’t find it.  Pier One had their Christmas stuff out on October first.  Can someone please let me get through one holiday?  I adore Christmas, but I want to enjoy the now, people! I’m still Continue Reading

Greetings from the Mohave, and Mickey Mouse, too.

I’m tickled to be stepping in for Sarah this week while she takes a brief (and, well deserved) hiatus. As, she mentioned in the last post…I pack daily lunches for my daughter, “Scout”, and share photos and tips on my blog, Organized Bites. My daughter and I are vegetarians, my husband isn’t…fortunately for me, he Continue Reading

Ice cream, a pig and a guest blogger

Like everyone, I have mornings that don’t go so well, lunch gets slopped together, and then on top of it I’m scrambling to get photos of the lunches before my kids are late for school.  As parents, we have a lot of pressure to do great things all the time, and the to do list Continue Reading

Talk Like a Pirate Day lunches

Ahoy, me hearties!  Me beauties are off to school already.  Ye olde ma packed them loot fit for the Dread Pirate himself. Thar Planetbox is filled with the finest grub for me scallawags.  The little one be sportin a fruit leather earring.  Her skull & bones made from an upside down CuteZCute cutter but ye Continue Reading