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Santa Claus is coming to lunch!

I adore blog hops. It gives people an opportunity to see the work of many of my blogging friends  I am proud to be part of the Bento Bloggers and Friends.  These fabulous food bloggers have already done 3 of them so you can go back and check them out for fun holiday food ideas.

Today’s hop is Santa themed so please hop through and check out all the jolly lunches you can today!  Click on the button at the bottom of each post (including this one) to see each blog’s creations.

Santa with shoes

I love making Santa face sugar cookies during the holidays so I decided to turn the same idea into lunches.  I took a biscuit cutter to cut the circles for Santa’s face.  Both sandwiches are filled with WOWbutter (nut-free soy spread) and jam on whole wheat.  Santa’s hat is Stretch Island Fruit leather, and it’s topped off with a piece of a Dandies vegan (gelatin-free) marshmallows.  I spread WOWbutter wherever I want the beard to be and sprinkled organic unsweetened coconut shreds over it.  I used small raisins for the eyes stuck on the same way and a goji berry for the nose.  Below her Santa are apple sections for the feet and a Bug Bites organic Dark Chocolate treat.  In the top of her Easy Lunchboxes container are honeydew melon pieces with a Santa cupcake topper and d’Anjou pear pieces on the right with a honeydew Santa cutout on top.

Santa with tomatoesMiss G, my 5 year old has the same lunch with tomatoes on the right side and a Bug Bites organic chocolate piece.  Along with her lunch are also honeydew pieces in the top left and pears in the top right topped with a honeydew stocking in her Easy Lunchboxes container.

Jolly Santa

The last Santa lunch I did this week was a cookie cutter sandwich. I used Toufayan pita to cut the Santa face out. I spread chickpea hummus inside and filled it with julienned carrots, pea sprouts and cucumbers for my 5 year old.  I spread hummus over where the beard is and stuck cooked millet to his face for the beard and top of his body.  He has a red bell pepper nose, fruit leather eyes, hat and another Dandies vegan marshmallow for the top of his hat.  In the top of her Easy Lunchboxes container are organic blueberries and raspberries with cupcake toppers.

Please click the Santa square below to see what my friend Venia at Organized Bites put together for her Scout!  She always makes beautiful lunches!  Be sure to click at the end of each post until you get back to mine to see them all!  Happy Holidays to all!

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 3.52.49 PM

Things I used to make these lunches:

Santa with FunBites

A while back I put this Santa in the chimney lunch together for FunBites.   I used their CubeIt cutter and some Rudi’s Organic Whole Grain bread to make the mini sandwiches.  I used the crust bread scrap for the top of the chimney and some remaining bread for his face.  His eyes and nose are Continue Reading

Elves and trees

My 4 year old has elves watching her for lunch.  These look more like Keebler elves than Christmas elves to me, but she doesn’t know.  They are sitting on a crust of their Rudi’s Whole Grain bread.  At the top left are small carrot Christmas tree sandwiches filled with Justin’s almond butter and in the Continue Reading

Angel, tree and Santa’s sleigh

I found out today that Miss G will be in angel in her Christmas program tomorrow.  Nothing like finding out last minute!  I guess she decided that it wasn’t important enough to tell me.  Today she had an angel shaped Wow! soybutter and jelly sandwich in her LunchBots stainless bento box. I “painted” the wings Continue Reading