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Butterflies and fake B.L.A.Ts

So it’s been a while.  The girls have been at home with me for a couple of weeks, and now they’re off to spend a few mornings at camp.   I think they’re excited to have the fun lunches back since I don’t normally whip them out while we’re eating at home.

Bentoriffic butterfly bento


Miss A has a Lunch Punch butterfly sandwich with bento pick antennae with organic, green seedless grapes on butterfly picks in her Easy Lunchboxes container.  In the top are organic blueberries and raspberries as well as a small container of air popped popcorn in her small Sistema brand snack container.

Miss G got to be my guinea pig for a new fake meat product.  I have been wanting to try phoney baloney’s brand Coconut Bacon for some time now.  I found it at Food Fight Grocery while recently visiting Portland, Oregon.  They had the best selection of vegan/plant based foods I’ve ever seen.  Just jealous that Florida is so behind the times.

Phoney Baloney's Coconut BaconI have to say, I’m sold!  There’s only a hint of coconut flavor, but what mostly comes through is the extra salty, smoky flavor that one needs to have for a kickass fake BLT.  It’s also gluten free for those who are avoiding.  Since becoming plant based, we’ve been adding avocado or guacamole to our sandwiches too instead of using vegan mayo since it’s a healthier form of plant fat.    Soooo…

BLAT in PlanetBox


I made Miss G a heart shaped, toasted sandwich with sliced heirloom tomatoes, romaine, avocado slices and sprinkled it with the coconut bacon.  She asked me if she could have the rest of the bag for her snack.  I’d say that’s kid approval!  Also in her PlanetBox are dried apricots and dates, nectarines and strawberries, a Hail Merry brand chocolate macaroon for a treat and watermelon hearts in the top.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Things I used to make this lunch:


Ravioli and Wholly Guacamole

Aloha and Happy Friday! Little Miss 4 year old has a simple lunch.  In her Sistema sandwich sized bento box, she has pineapple pieces, Soy Boy brand dairy free ravioli, hibiscus shaped watermelon pieces and sliced mini carrots. For her preschool snack, she has a Wholly Guacamole brand 100 calorie snack pack of guacamole, Trader Continue Reading

Go Vote!

Today is an important day.  Not the day to be apathetic & say that your voice doesn’t make a difference.  It does.  As Americans, we have the great privilege of living in a country that allows us freedoms and rights that were fought for and earned.  Regardless of who you will vote for, please go Continue Reading

Funny face bagel and fall vegetable stew

Happy Monday!  It’s a perfect fall day here in Florida.  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Miss G is the only one in school today.  She has a Rudi’s brand Cinnamon Raisin spelt bagel with almond butter & jam.  I stuck on two candy eyes with almond butter.  Next to the sandwich she has grapes and Continue Reading