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Groundhog Day lunch

Yesterday was Groundhog day.  My kids don’t really understand since our winter in Florida classifies as a normal fall day anywhere else in the country.  However, they do love anything animal related and cute.

Miss G had to stay home to go to the dentist today, and so Miss A, now my “big girl” 4 year old went off to school alone this morning.  I showed her my idea, and she loved it.

Groundhog Day with CuteZCute

I used the CuteZCute cutter face frame to cut the sandwich shapes for the groundhog’s face with Rudi’s Organic Whole Wheat bread.  I used the pig ear and eye face frame to cut the holes and a mini circle cutter to cut the nose out of the bread heel.  Miss G loves WOWbutter soy spread and asked for strawberry preserves today.  I used pumpkin seeds stuck on with WOWbutter for the groundhog’s teeth.  In the bottom section of her LunchBots Trio are yellow carrot pennies and strawberry hearts sliced in half.  In the top left section of her lunch are peeled apples sliced horizontally and seeded with a mini star cutter.

Happy Monday!

Things I used to make this lunch:


Warrior Yoga Bento

Strep throat.  That’s what my week has been about.  YUCK!  We’re at the tail end of it, thank goodness.  It seems like that time of year for the crud to be spread around.  My littlest warrior has it now, but Miss G is back to school today.  She also has yoga class after school so Continue Reading

Nesting doll for fall and a sick day lunch

Miss G. is sick.  Despite the fact that we have very strong immune systems, we can’t prevent everything.  She spent the whole weekend sick, and yesterday was diagnosed with strep throat.  She’ll be home for most of the week recovering. I decided to cheer her up with a fun lunch to motivate her to eat Continue Reading

Greetings from the Mohave, and Mickey Mouse, too.

I’m tickled to be stepping in for Sarah this week while she takes a brief (and, well deserved) hiatus. As, she mentioned in the last post…I pack daily lunches for my daughter, “Scout”, and share photos and tips on my blog, Organized Bites. My daughter and I are vegetarians, my husband isn’t…fortunately for me, he Continue Reading

CuteZCute Snake, Fish and a giveaway!

Simple tools and tricks of the trade are the key to making fast, cute lunches.  CuteZCute was invented as a way to make a ton of variety with one set of cutters. Leave it to a skillful bento artist to create a tool that is so easy to use, your 5 year old can make adorable Continue Reading