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Waffle snowman lunch

Hope everyone’s back in the swing of routine by now.  We’re doing our best to get back on track too.  I remembered from a while back my friend Shannon at Bento Lunch did the cutest waffle snowman sandwich I’d seen in a while.  I decided to do my best to replicate her work since it was so awesome.  Here’s Shannon’s original lunch below. Please click on the photo to see her other great lunches.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 8.04.47 AM

And to find out how to make one of your own, Shannon put together this great tutorial for Van’s Foods on their blog here: Van’s Foods Holiday Waffle ideas.

Here’s the one I made for my little one’s lunch:

Waffle snowmanI used Whole Foods 365 brand of dairy free, eggless mini waffles and toasted them lightly.  I spread in WOWbutter (nut free soy spread) and a bit of cranberry apple spread inside.  I lined up the 3 small sandwiches and cut a small fruit leather scarf and mouth from Stretch Island brand fruit leather.  I stuck a tiny carrot sliver for a nose on with more WOWbutter and the same for the 2 raisin eyes.  Inside the Easy Lunchboxes container was also an organic Crimson Gold mini apple and a coconut covered date and raisin ball treat.  In the top are fresh blueberries and strawberry slices with snowman cupcake toppers for decoration.

Where you can find these fun lunch supplies:

Present under the tree and another reindeer

Happy Friday!  I am looking forward to wrapping up my holiday shopping this weekend and braving the post office to get everything mailed out. Miss A could eat an entire bowl of steamed edamame so I decided to make a big portion of her lunch the pods leftover from dinner.  She also wanted a sandwich Continue Reading

Bats and a pumpkin patch

Today is our first chilly day in Florida.  It was about 86 degrees yesterday so it’s a nice change & feels like fall!  Halloween costumes are decided and now I’m off to plan the details of our annual Halloween party with my neighbor that we have for the kids on our street. Miss A (3) Continue Reading

Warrior Yoga Bento

Strep throat.  That’s what my week has been about.  YUCK!  We’re at the tail end of it, thank goodness.  It seems like that time of year for the crud to be spread around.  My littlest warrior has it now, but Miss G is back to school today.  She also has yoga class after school so Continue Reading

CuteZCute pancakes, breakfast for lunch

To carry on with the CuteZCute cutter theme this week, I decided on breakfast for lunch.  Normally I’m pretty strict on the food my kids eat, but these pancakes have 2 TBPS of ground flax seed in them so I’ve snuck in some healthy. There’s no big secret to these.  I just whipped up some pancake batter, Continue Reading