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Valentine love

Happy heart day!  Miss G’s teacher set up a Valentine’s day lunch swap.  We filled out a form with her favorite foods and in return we received a list from another child for whom we made lunch today.  Lilly in her class was who was given to us.  Miss G helped me draw out a design idea of what we will make for her friend.

DSC_0362I don’t do sketches with all my lunches, but I thought it would give us some fun ideas.  We were also given a box in which the lunch will be packed and allowed to decorate it.  The list came with all of Lilly’s favorite foods that were to be included so we tried to meet all her requests.


I took some ideas from my blogging friends with older kids.  They save plastic berry containers and use them for disposable lunchboxes with field trips.  I happened to have a strawberry and blueberry container so we washed and decorated them with stickers.

DSC_0374And then packed lunch in them.

Bentoriffic Valentine lunch for LillyLilly wanted peanut butter cracker sandwiches so that’s what we made.  There were 8 mini sandwiches, and the ones on top have fruit leather hearts on them stuck on with a dab of peanut butter.  We also did skewers of green grapes and a silicone heart cup of the same.  On top is another cracker with peanut butter and a heart made of currants with a red sprinkle on top.

Bentoriffic cucumber and carrot heart snackIn a small blueberry container I lined with a doily and wax paper, I placed cucumber and carrot heart cutouts in it for her requested vegetables.

Bentoriffic strawberry fruit snack

Strawberries were Lilly’s requested fruit so we put them in a fun, pink strawberry container that she can keep.  She also has a small strawberry container full of Goldfish pretzels (not shown).


And packed it up inside the box we decorated.


And sent it off to school with some pretty Valentine paper napkins.  We hope she likes it!

My 3 year old also went to school today with her Valentine lunch.

Bentoriffic heart smiley sandwich

Packed in her LunchBots Uno, she has strawberry hearts with a cantaloupe heart on top, sugar snap peas underneath a cucumber and carrot heart flower.  Two mini almond butter and jam sandwiches with a smiley face and blueberries with a strawberry heart on top.

Hope everyone has a joy filled day!

Things I used to make this lunch:

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