Fish shaped sandwiches, bowties, veggies and dumplings

I think I will quit saying I’m back.  I never really left, but honestly it’s been a rough school year in my house.  Life has gotten in the way of blogging for me lately.  I enjoy it, but the kids and trying to take better care of myself does prevent me from posting as often as I’d like.  I am still making cute lunches, we’re still plant based and the kids are still eating.  I just haven’t been snapping photos of everything.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who continue to follow me on  social media or through the blog while things have been sporadic.  I appreciate every one of you!  Every little comment,  “like” and “share” means you’re supporting what it is that I do and helping others to feed their children better, and that’s all that matters to me.

Field Roast deli slice fish

Today I made my 6 year old a sandwich.  I love using the Lunch Punch sandwich cutters because they take about 2 minutes to use, and Voila!  Cuteness!  I cut the whole wheat bread first and then cut the filling separately and assemble.  In this case it was romaine lettuce, mustard and Field Roast vegan deli slices made from lentils and other veggies.  Around the sandwiches are homemade fig treats.  And to the right in her Easy Lunchboxes containers are pear pieces and strawberry hearts.

Hummus with carrot heart


To go along with her lunch today, Miss G has organic mini carrots with a container of hummus.  I cut the ends off of 2 mini carrots to make a small heart for her.

Farfalle pesto lunchMy little one (4) requested “butterfly” pasta today so I made whole wheat farfalle (bow tie) pasta with dairy free, vegan pesto sauce.  She also has pieces of pear and strawberry hearts in her Easy Lunchboxes container.

Mandarins, coconut and cracker snack

Miss A’s snack today is a combo of different things.  She has dried cranberries and dried mandarins, dried coconut strips and small edamame crackers all of which I found at Trader Joe’s over the weekend.  They’re packed in her Elpha & Epha bento box.

Veggies and dumplings with fruit


My husband has an Easy Lunchboxes container full of leftover homemade veggies and dumplings along with organic strawberries and blackberries for lunch today.

Things I used to make these lunches:

Back to basics, an intro to bento lunches

I recently connected with a company that is doing great things to support people’s overall health by  allowing adults and children to track their health and wellness.  By adding more fruits and vegetables to diets and staying consistent, and are both websites that promote healthier lifestyles by keeping yourself accountable for your daily habits.  KidsFoodJournal asked me to Continue Reading

Jack and Jill lunches

I found these new cookie cutters when my friend Deb of ipacklunch posted a photo of them.  I actually made these lunches about 2 weeks ago, but I’m late posting them.  In the meantime, my blogging friend Venia of Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat lunch by Organized Bites posted this adorable lunch with the same sandwich cutters by Continue Reading

Hummus Pita Pizzas and leftover gluten free pizzas

Miss G wanted something different for lunch, and she insisted on no sandwiches.  I had recently read Dreena Burton’s post on Hummus Tortilla Pizzas found here which I used for my inspiration. Dreena’s blog is Plant Powered Kitchen and serves as great inspiration for my cooking and recipe creation for kid-friendly recipes.   I had whole wheat pitas at Continue Reading

Long overdue heart lunches

My food projects are my passion, but very often family comes first.  So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve missed you!  I decided to post all the lunches today that I did for before Valentine’s day and didn’t post.  After all, I love my kids all year long so the heart thing Continue Reading