Strawberry roll ups and festive fruit bento boxes

Holiday weeks seem to always sneak up on me.  I like having an extra day with my family and catching up on things at home, but for the whole week my internal clock says it’s another day.  I am looking forward to the spring time change so I can have a few more hours in my day.

Bentoriffic Strawberries and almond butter roll ups

My 4 year old has an almond butter and freshly sliced organic strawberries wrapped in a Flatout brand Multi grain flax wrap.  Next to the roll ups are sliced kiwis.  In the top left are strawberry hearts and in the top right of her Easy Lunchboxes are mini carrots and celery sticks with almond butter.

Bentoriffic muffin & smiley mandarin snack bento

This LunchBots Quad is one of my favorites.  It packs a ton of food into a tiny space, and I don’t have to worry about things spilling into one another.  Miss G (4) has an afternoon snack of organic grape tomatoes, a heart shaped peanut butter chocolate chip muffin, a clementine with a happy face and marcona almonds mixed with goji berries.


Bentoriffic fruity hearts LunchBotMy littlest preschooler is still in her picky eating phase after just turning 3.  One day she loves something & the next she proclaims it’s “ba-stustin”.  I just do my best like most moms to mix it up and keep it interesting.  If she doesn’t eat it for lunch, it becomes her afternoon snack.

In her LunchBots container are Minneola tangelo slices in the top left, pineapple and honeydew melon in the two opposite corners and mini heart pocket sandwiches in the bottom right filled with almond butter & a dab of agave nectar.

Things I used to make this lunch:

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 5.48.15 PM
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